Monday, September 24, 2012

the sweetest boy

Over the weekend we moved into a new place so you can imagine how hectic and messy it was. The three of us were so pooped that we were lying in bed at 8pm and my son and boyfriend eventually fell asleep 30 minutes later. I thought, "Yay, I get to sleep early tonight for once, too!" I must have jinxed myself because I didn't sleep early at all. In fact, I laid there in bed for 3 hours trying to get myself to sleep.

I tossed.
I turned.

I went to the bathroom several times.

It was going to be one of those nights and I was already dreading the next day.

I woke up around 6am this morning to make breakfast and was not in a good mood since I ended up falling asleep around 1am. After feeding my son his breakfast, I quickly got dressed and went into the kitchen to eat my food when I heard, "Mommy you look so pretty."

Immediately I looked at him and felt so much better. I walked over to him, gave him a big huge hug and said, "You are the sweetest boy ever. You make sure to always tell girls how pretty they are...they will melt in your hands."

My little man just smiled. I love him to pieces.


  1. Kids come out with the best surprises :-)

  2. Awww what a sweetheart!! And sometimes it is all we need in life to help us feel better :)

  3. Aww what a sweet little boy.. I know how you must have felt when he told you that...

  4. Aw, he's going to be such a gentleman when he grows up! He already sounds like such a sweetheart.

  5. Wow, such a precious and beautiful moment.

  6. Ahh what a sweetheart you have there!x