Monday, October 10, 2011

your time is limited

Growing up, my mom always made a routine on Sundays-church. Now that we're older and don't live in the same house together anymore, it's harder to make it a routine these days. What I always remembered about church was the priest asking if anyone in the pews wanted to pray for someone they knew and for them to speak the names out loud. A prayer for those who were sick, in need of help, or who have passed away. After my dad passed away in 2002, my mom always spoke up during our time in church and said his name. It was our quiet moment to reflect on him. 

Last week, we lost a great man. A genius, an innovator, the face behind Apple products, Steve Jobs. I never really knew the profound effect he made on us till he passed away. He changed and improved our world in such a tremendous way. Because of him, my son will get to experience possibly the greatest form of technology ever. 

There's no doubt that millions of prayers were said for Steve Jobs this past week. Many, many moments of silence across the world. He will be greatly missed, but he will live on in our lives forever. His products. His words. His inspiration. His legacy.

front of the Apple store in SF

Thank you, Steve Jobs. For everything that you did and for everything that you were. May you rest in peace.   


  1. Following from the hop. Steve Jobs certainly affected all of us. Best wishes!


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