Tuesday, December 20, 2011

back on the grind.

I haven't blogged in almost a week. Things have been so busy with the holidays, my son's birthday, and some other great things that have been happening with me. 

We threw Dylan a birthday party at Pump It Up, which was so much fun! Even the adults had a great time. It was definitely a stress-free party and I was able to enjoy it without having to worry about the little details. A photographer friend of ours was awesome enough to take pictures for us so I will be sharing them as soon as I get to see them. In the meantime, here are some taken with my lovely iPhone from the day of his birthday and the day of the party.

He woke up to some balloons on the bed!

San Francisco's Union Square Christmas Tree! He loved it.

Dylan and his yummy birthday brownie!

Before all the fun started!! More photos soon to come...


  1. Cute birthday boy! And Union Square looks beautiful!

  2. Welcome back. The Christmas tree looks really beautiful and i can see your little man had so much fun.. Great shoots..

  3. Happy Birthday to your little guy!! He's adorable :)
    I think we are all finding it hard to keep up with blogging throughout Christmas :(
    But we'll catch up!!
    Until then, Merry Christmas xo

  4. Its hard to keep up the blog this time of year! Pump it up is so fun, a perfect bday party place!

  5. Such cute photos! You have been busy.

    My kiddo's love Pump it Up!


  6. This will be fun when M gets a little older

  7. sounds like a fun birthday, lindsay. your son is sooo adorable. :)

  8. What a cute day. I love how you started out with balloons on the bed, what a sweet idea!