Saturday, December 31, 2011

fashion forward friday

I'm a few hours late of posting this, but I just got home from my 4th Annual Secret Santa party with my closest friends. We cooked, we drank, we laughed, the kiddies played...definitely good times! It was also a reminder how old we're getting. We were all ready to go home by 10:30! 

Some pretty things...

Now doesn't this make you wanna roller skate again?!

{All images courtesy of Pinterest}


  1. Lepord print skates!!! Wear can I get some lol.
    I love roller skating :)

  2. So funny..we had our friend xmas party last night too and I left at 10:30...but I think im the only old fogie out of all of us!
    Love the purple dress and those skates make me wish I knew how to skate I only learned how to rollerblade...skates always scared the crap out of me
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  3. I love Vanessa Hudgens dress...and those roller skates are awesome. Lol

  4. OMG I LOVE these dresses and those rollerskates!

    I'm giving away a lululemon gift card and thought you might want to know :)

  5. i love the roller skates.