Saturday, March 16, 2013

i heart running

A few years back, I placed "Run a 5K Marathon" on my bucket list. I'm happy to say that I have checked that off my list...twice actually. A couple of weeks ago, I completed my second 5K run in Napa Valley and it was a successful one! Comparing to my first run, I was able to shave 7 minutes off my time. Yay! Of course, it isn't the ultimate goal of mine but I was still very happy with it. 

My goal when I started running was just to get it off my bucket list. But since then, I have found an extreme love for it. Running is now a part of my lifestyle and it's something that I need to do every week. I've tried different work out routines from Yoga to Pilates to TaeBo, but I've fallen in love with running. The feeling I get from it is like no other. 

Last night, I was in a little funk and feeling extremely tired. I had two choices - sleep it off or go for a run. It was past 10pm and I should have gone to bed, but I knew that wouldn't help so I went for a run at the gym. Afterwards, I felt so much better and my mood had changed. Writing has always been my therapy and now running is right there next to it.


  1. Great job!

    I have a sister that just loves to run as well. I wish I could get into it. My feet have to have special arch supports. It must be genetic, my Dad has the same problem. I can for see my son Mica being really into running as he gets older. He's so fast when we play tag at the Y.

  2. That's great. I ran my first 5K last year too, and I plan to do it again this year. I don't think I'll set a record, but if I make it under 30 minutes again, I'll be very happy.