Monday, May 23, 2011

bridal shower

I co-hosted my first bridal shower for one of my best friends yesterday. I've never really hosted a party besides my own birthday dinners and my son's birthdays, but it was a success and a lot of fun! Being a maid of honor has a lot of responsibilities, a lot of which I didn't anticipate in the beginning. Luckily, my friend chose two maid of honors so I wasn't alone in all the planning. 

My friend lives in San Diego and is having her wedding in San Francisco so she's been traveling back and forth. It was nice to see her relax and have some fun yesterday. 

I've enjoyed planning her bachelorette and bridal shower. I would love to have a career in event planning. Hmm??


  1. the cake looks yummy! good job with the planning Mrs. Event Planner : )

  2. it was fun! i have a few pics, but bev has more.