Thursday, May 19, 2011

summer gear

It was 8 pm last night and as I was folding our laundry, I noticed a lot of my son's shirts that were getting too small for him. He's almost 2 1/2 and some of them were 24 months-2T. Why was I keeping these around?? He grows so fast!

So I said to my boyfriend "Dylan's going to need more summer clothes soon!" With the nearest mall being only 5 minutes away, we decided to go right then and there. I love shopping for new clothes for my son and if you know me, I'm a bargain shopper. I hardly ever spend more than $20 on one item of clothing for him. Kids grow out of their clothes so fast so why spend a lot of money on something they're only going to wear 6 months to a year?

I usually shop at Target, Crazy 8, Gymboree and H&M. We went to the mall and instantly walked into The Children's Place. I haven't shopped there for him yet, but he's gotten a lot of really cute stuff from there as gifts. I was so happy we decided to go there! They had a lot of summer clothes on sale; muscle tees, polos, shorts, tees, sandals and swim wear for less than $10 or less. We ended up getting 10 tops, 2 shorts, and one pair of sandals for less than $100. What a bargain! I will definitely be shopping there again...

These are the sandals we got him. I love them! They look like Crocs, but I think these ones are cuter. ($6 at the store) 

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