Thursday, June 9, 2011

bucket list

1. swim with dolphins
2. learn how to snowboard or ski
3. movie in the park
4. participate in the breast cancer walk
5. spend a whole day reading books
6. go shopping in new york 

7. go horseback riding
8. go back to school and get my degree!
9. wine tasting in napa...or a wine train
10. go parasailing and snorkeling in hawaii

11. spend new year's in vegas
12. attend fashion week in NYC
13. go to the philippines and indonesia 
14. try river rafting
15. learn how to be a good cook
16. take a kickboxing class
17. eat dessert at serendipity in new york

18. go to disneyland and ride every single ride
19. run a marathon {in the process}
20. try indoor rock climbing
21. watch a meteor shower
22. watch the lion king broadway show

23. sit courtside at a basketball game
24. rent out a really nice restaurant and have a private party for my birthday
25. meet the president

26. vacation in tahiti
27. vacation in italy

28. disneyworld!
29. volunteer work
30. fly in a helicopter

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