Thursday, June 2, 2011

maid of honor duties

Yesterday, I attended to my maid of honor duties. My friend flew up from San Diego (her wedding is next weekend!) for her last dress fitting. With my son in tow, we went to Wee Scotty in Pacific Heights of San Francisco. It's a cute little place that specializes in bridal alterations. They did such a fabulous job at her dress and the lady who works there is incredibly nice! 

our little helper

After picking up her dress we stopped by her aunt's bakery, Patisserie Philippe, also in San Francisco. Her aunt will be catering the event so they had to go over the arrangements for next weekend. While they talked it over, we indulged in some of her macarons, which were to-die-for (my fave was hazelnut). 

Our last stop for the day was BevMo! We went to check out wines and spirits to buy for the bar at her reception. It took longer than expected, but Dylan had his fun playing hide-n-seek...

AHH I have a speech to finish writing! A maid of honor's duties are never done...SO excited for next week!

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  1. There are loads of different kinds of maids! My mom used to work as a maid in her early years. It taught her a lot about family, helping another one grow. She used to tell me stories all the time. Those are good memories.