Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a vacation state of mind

I want to go on a vacation. Not like a 2 day trip to Vegas or San Diego, but more like a 3 or 4 day trip to somewhere tropical...

Where I can have some REAL rest and relaxation
Where I can lay on the beach and bask in the sun
Where I can bury my toes in the sand
Where I can play with my son in the ocean
Where I can see the sunset from my hotel window
Where I can drink pina coladas, mai tai's, margaritas, you name it!
Where I can go parasailing and snorkeling
Where I can wear dresses, shorts, and flip flops all day
Where I can wear one of those really big floppy sun hats {ok, not TOO big}
Where I can see the moonlight reflecting on the water
Where I can buy the best chocolate macadamia nuts
Where I can watch beautiful Polynesian dancers

A real vacation, that's what I would love and am hoping will happen. 


See you soon Hawaii??


  1. Hawaii sounds wonderful! and those where to's are DEF on point! I havent' been on a out of the country vacay in 4ever but even just a out of city trip or just a plain roadtrip would be satisfying enough! well if you are planning to take a trip to the wonderful place of Hawaii, pleez share the photos...if you can! Enjoy the rest of your week, ma! *smile*

  2. Good luck on vacation planning! Hawaii is perfect! :) Thank you for visiting Ava xx

  3. Ahhh Hawaii!! My son has been several times..me 0. So I definitely want to make a trip soon as well :-)

  4. I would LOVE a vacation like that! I found you through Lucky Wednesday Blog Hop. Love your blog! Would love for you to check mine out!