Thursday, July 21, 2011

sincerely, who?

One of my daily reads is Lauren Conrad's blog. I can't go a day without visiting it. She gives a lot of great tips- fashion, home and party decor, beauty, dieting, hair, etc. On today's post, she talks about a website called Dear Blank Please Blank, which basically features a bunch of open letters. Some of them are really funny and very entertaining. If you want a good laugh and have a few spare minutes to waste, check it out! Here are some...

Dear "She's pretty don't you think?",
What am I supposed to say?!


  1. Can I just add my signature to your cupcake one?

  2. Visiting back from Mommy Masters. Thanks so much for stopping by. I remember when I first quit my job to stay home with my boys and it was the best feeling ever. I appreciated every second with was so new and I felt so lucky. It was about a year in when I realized I wanted more, so started Mommy Masters. You will find your way and when you do, it will feel right. Enjoy your time with your son!!! Now a fan of your blog.

  3. Dear Monday,

    Why do you have to show up every week?

    Sincerely, someone who dearly loves the weekends