Friday, July 1, 2011

who screams for ice cream?

One of my favorite seasons of the year is summer.

And one of the best things about summer is ICE CREAM.

I've passed on the love of ice cream to my son who will eat it even if he's full. We love Drumsticks, but I've always felt like they were too big for him to handle. He makes a huge mess of it...

Ice cream all over his face.
Ice cream all over his hands.
Ice cream all over his clothes.
Ice cream all over his hair.
Ice cream all over the floor.
Ice cream all over the chair.

I'm a complete neat freak so it FREAKS me out when he eats ice cream.

We were shopping at Target the other day (as usual) and I wanted to pick up a new box of Drumsticks. Ooh, what do I see?

No way! I've never been so excited to see ice cream. People must have thought I was crazy. Did this JUST come out or am I late to jump on the bandwagon? These are perfect for my son (not to mention for me, too...hello, 140 calories!!!). They're much smaller than the original size and not as messy.

Thank you Nestle for making a Mommy's job a little bit easier :)


  1. Those look delish. My little guy would love those!!

  2. What a great idea!!! I fear the messes that I know will come with each meal time as well. Too Funny!!!
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  3. love it!
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  8. My boys are the messiest ever. I am following you back from Hop Along Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I have to look out for those, love snack size anything! :)

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  10. I love ice cream! I like these snack sized ones - I feel less guilty :)

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  11. Those DEF sound perfect for ma lil ones! I didn't no they had them in a kiddie size. *thumbs up* Hope you are ENJOYing your weekend...and Happy 4th btw! *smile*

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  14. We are crazy about ice cream in our house too, and I also hate it when my younger daughter gets it all over.

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  15. We absolutely love those too! Yum!

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    Who doesn't LOVE ice cream?? And a little less calories and mess...heaven!!!! LOL

    Happy 4th!