Tuesday, August 16, 2011

don't forget to breathe

Ahh, the joys of motherhood. They're wonderful. The best thing a woman can experience in life, I think. The hugs, the kisses, the sweet and funny things your child says or does, the fun kid-friendly activities. I remember when I was pregnant people would tell me, "Oh motherhood is the best. You're going to love it." They were right, I do love it. More than anything in the world. How could I not? I was prepared and ready to love it. However, no one cared to mention {more like, warn} the kicking, the screaming, the crying, the tantrums, the monster that lives deep inside your child. I was not prepared or ready for that.

My son is a very loving and happy boy. But he's also in his "terrible two's" stage. Over the past few days, he's shown proof of that stage...and very well if you ask me. I've never had a problem with him throwing tantrums or crying for long periods of time until just recently. 

He wanted to watch Cars videos on YouTube and I tell him "no" because I'm using it. Tantrum for 10 minutes.
He woke up from his nap. Crying for 10 minutes. {non-stop}
He wasn't ready to go to bed. I tell him no more playing for the night. Crying and tantrum for 10 minutes. Crying stops and he falls asleep...only to wake up an hour later. 10 more minutes of crying. 

I know they were only 10 minutes, but they seem to go on forever. Right before his last episode started, I had just sat down in front of my laptop for some "mommy time" so I was pretty frustrated when he woke up. I told Daddy to handle the situation while I closed myself off in the bathroom for a few minutes. No, I didn't go in there to use the toilet. I went in there to just...breathe. And it helped. 

He drives me crazy at times and sometimes I just want to scream. I certainly don't love when the little monster emerges from my son, but he did manage to make me smile at one point. In a moment of frustration I said, "Who are you right now?"

He said, "Dylan!" That kid! :)


  1. Argh! My oldest is about to turn 3 and let me tell you she can throw some tantrums that make me want to start crying. I have to just focus on my breath and get through it.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I think each minute = ten minutes when it comes to tantrums!

  3. Love it ! "the monster that lives dee inside your child"---such a writer.

  4. Wait. Did you steal my daughter? At times, when she's knee deep in a tantrum, she sounds like the Tasmanian Devil. But for every hysterical moment, there seems to be a greater sweeter one around the corner.

  5. Thanks, I needed this today!

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  6. Thanks for sharing. :)
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  7. motherhood can be a tough hood to live in but when we look past the little things towards the bigger picture it puts the breathe back into us. No matter what they dish out, respond back with love. Stay blessed, and have a glorious weekend! *smile*

  8. Not in the terrible twos yet, but I totally feel your pain. Just having to go "breathe, it will only last for so long", and then when they smile or giggle or give a snuggle, it totally makes up for it!

    Love the quote you have there. :)