Thursday, August 4, 2011

my sister

Yesterday marked the 21st birthday of my little sister. As we were gathered around for dinner at a restaurant last night, I couldn't help but think how proud I was not only of her, but to have her as my sister.

My little baby sister who my brother and I protected like no other. 
with a sense of humor and passivity like my dad.
with strength like my mom.
with a beauty she so humbly denies.
with an intelligence that ceases to amaze us. 
with a sense of drive that I admire.
My little baby sister, who is one of my best friends.

She has grown into a beautiful young lady. I respect her and love her for everything she is. Our little baby sister, who we once felt we needed to protect, now protects us. She has a tough exterior, but has the biggest heart I know. 

Happy Birthday little sister! I'm so proud of you. <3


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister!

  2. How sweet! My little sister is 22 now. I can't believe it. She's got two kids but she is a wonderful mom, and I have looked up to her. I love this post!

  3. So sweet! Happy Birthday to her! My little sister is 30. Yeeks I'm old! She's 5 years younger then me. In 5 more years I'll be 40! NO! Ha!

  4. Happy birthday to your sister!
    That post is beautiful and you sound like you love her very much!

  5. Aww, so sweet! I love seeing siblings who love each other and get along. =) I do with my brothers but unfortunately my husband does not with his brother and it always makes me sad.