Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a girl's best friend

The holidays have arrived...and boy, am I feeling it! Not just emotionally. 


Since the day before Thanksgiving, I've been feeling a little bloated. 

Heavy. FULL. 

So full that I've been doing absolutely nothing the past two days. Nothing active, whatsoever. I should be running around right now. Running outside. Running on a treadmill. Running anywhere. I can barely fit some of my jeans and even if I forced myself in them, it feels uncomfortable and annoyingly tight.

Just like everyone else, I reflected on everything I was thankful for this year. I could sit here all day and write about the obvious things I'm blessed with in my life. 

There is one thing I would love to share, though. Something that I am truly grateful for right now and seriously could not live without. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend...

But I'm not talking about diamonds here. I'm thankful for...my leggings!

I can breathe. I can move. I can chase after my son. Leggings, my friends, are truly a girl's best friend.


  1. I feel so comfortable with leggings. I don't think any other thing can replace the comfort one gets in it. Wishing you a great week.

  2. Oh my! I LOVE leggings! I just got addicted and I hardly ever wear jeans! One heads up though my mom told me the other...watch your weight! You won't tell as quickly with leggings if you gain a lot--she gained a bunch in the 80s wearing them every day. I was wearing them every day all day when she told me that...luckily she warned me in time. So just keep an eye open!


  3. I feel the same way about my yoga pants hahaha!!
    They just might become my permanent attire for the holidays!

  4. Yay leggings! I love them. And Viki that's funny bc when I was pregnant I seriously said screw it and bought a part of black yoga pants and wore them to work...lol no one could really tell, or maybe they could and they just didn't want to tell me...

  5. you're funny. I love leggings too,coz I hate the button marks left by jeans ( esp when it's too tight,bc I always force me self to get in one of mine,lol!)

  6. LOVE leggings! Nothing better than stretchy waist! I'm a new follower from the GTKY blog hop! And I would LOVE the closets you have pics of up above, with your fashion tips! I'll be back, love your blog!

  7. Your blog is awesome! I'm a new follower from MomBloggersClub. Love your blog and your writing style. Looking fwd to your future posts.