Thursday, November 17, 2011

what's in my {mommy} bag

One of the features I enjoy checking out in fashion/celebrity magazines is the "What's In My Bag" section. 

I think it's a common curiosity for women to wonder...what's in her bag? Plus it's a fun way to find new things that you should be or want to carry in your purse, right? So I thought it'd be fun to share what's in my bag.

Purell hand sanitizer - a must have for a toddler
Hello Kitty notebook - to jot down blog ideas, thoughts, etc.
Johnson & Johnson first aid kit - bandaids, aspirin, and cold medicine
Marc Jacobs heart wristlet - to hold my quarters for laundry and SF parking
Cottonelle wipes - another must have for a toddler
Hello Kitty make up case
Make Up Forever kabuki brush
Revlon lipstick in soft nude
Hello Kitty pen
Visine Eye Drops {for contacts}
Eos Cucumber hand lotion

my lovely iPhone
Marc Jacobs aviator sunglasses {not pictured because I left it in the car}

H&M cross-body bag: my ultimate favorite bag in the whole world right now 

What's in your bag??


  1. My bag always weighs like 30 lbs. Bc all the loose change gets thrown to the bottom. Cute post idea!

  2. Hand sanitizer, lipstick, wallet, keys, camera, cellphone, tissue packs, sanitary pad, breathmints, mirror, access card to my condo, pen, notebook, mini pouch for keeping my meds and band aids.

    I participated in a bag meme once but have deleted the post since!

  3. A sanitizer is absolutely required when you have kids. The stuff a two-year-old will touch and handle with no thought of bacteria... you start to think they just don't care!

  4. That is a super cute purse!!
    I love all the hello kitty stuff too, I'm in love with hello kitty. Anyway, I don't have much in my purse right now. I'm kind of on the look out for a really cute one.
    BUT i do carry sanitizer with me at all times.
    Lipstick, my phone, wallet, and random papers haha!

  5. Hello kitty is now making waves everywhere and in every shop, great product i must say. Hand sanitizer is highly recommended.. You do have pretty good stuffs in your purse...

  6. Cute! I don't normally carry a bag. Ever since I was a kid. Probably it's part of being boyish while growing up. But what I would always have with me, would be the following:

    Carmex Lip Balm (especially during the cold weather)
    Pilot gel pen and repositionable notes or Post-It, for ideas that pop-up
    Point & Shoot camera, to snap a photo everywhere
    Some change in my pocket
    And my green card ...LOL, just in case a police or any figure of authority would ask for it.

    I enjoyed your site! Found it through a thread on my friend's (

    This is my blog site -

  7. What a great idea!
    My bag {which is still a diaper bag for now} has a lot of goldfish, saltines, cookies, cheerios...and anything else that can keep a toddler entertained.

  8. Hmmm lets see,
    pens, small planner, cell phone, lip gloss, hair pins, lotion, comb, moist towelettes, sanitizer, trail mix, mints, a novel to read if am bored, a couple receipts, my digital camera and of course my wallet.

  9. I always wonder how the purses of mommys arent as filthy as mine?? And how their items dont include their childrens toys lol
    -barbie @ Life as a Mrs.