Tuesday, November 1, 2011

hello, november...

Happy first of the month! 

I'm a little sad to see October go. It's become one of my favorite months of the year. Funny how a child can make you turn into a festive person. I'm definitely going to miss the pumpkin patches, the perfect weather, passing by the Halloween section at Target, houses covered in Halloween decorations, and going on a hunt for the best Halloween costume. 

This was the first year that my son was actually aware of what Halloween was all about and he had so much fun. He picked out his own costume and didn't need our help getting his candy while trick-or-treating at the mall. He's grown a love for this fun holiday, especially for the candy. Just like his Mommy! He's growing faster by the day. Another month gone by and now a month and a half till his 3rd birthday! I wish I can just slow down time.

So long October...


  1. Great pics! I love that you and your husband even dressed up lol. We were boring this year, we went as a mom and dad hahahah. And I definitely know what you mean about how having a child makes you festive!!

  2. I know!! Seriously, where did October go? And September and August for that matter :(
    Hi! Following you from the Give a Hoot blog hop. What a cute little boy :) I was scrolling through your posts and I read the one where he is starting to call you mum :0 That's a sad day, I totally understand!
    Happy November!

  3. I miss October too! Nice Halloween Costumes! I was a school girl lol...I am surprised that I still fit into my catholic school girl uniform. I am going to follow ya on GFC & Twitter...Hope you check out my blog at www.life-skills-guru.com. Take care.