Thursday, January 12, 2012

first day of preschool!

Today was my son's first day of preschool!
He's been wanting to go to school and was so excited.
We dropped him off...
And he wandered away from us.
When it was time to go
I said, "Okay, Mommy and Daddy are going now."
With his back to us, he said "Ok, bye."
Didn't even turn around.
Wasn't anxious for a kiss or a hug.
Didn't wonder or even care where his parents were going.
Didn't even follow us to the door.
Didn't shed one tear.
As soon as we were outside, we looked back inside through the window...
And saw our precious little boy finally turn around...
Only to wave goodbye to us.

He's such a big boy now!!
Guess who was the one who almost shed some tears.

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  1. Congrats young man. Now is time to say hello to the world.

  2. thats wutz up! *smile* He certainly looks happy!

  3. My oldest son was the same way when he started daycare at 3. He didnt cry or anything. He just went to play with some other children. When I picked him up he didnt even want to leave. That's how i knew I found a great place.

  4. awww, dylan looks so cute. congrats on preschool. :) my girl started preschool the other week also. she loves it.

    enjoy your wknd, and happy new year to you, lindsay!

  5. i just started blogging and you're the very first one i followed.. i have a 20 month old who i soon would be putting to daycare.. sob.. but mommy's got to work so it has to be done... pls check out my new blog hope you'd be one of my followers too..

  6. So cute! I remember when I put my oldest daughter on the bus for preschool for the very first time. She was excited as well and I was the one who wanted to cry. It was so hard to not have her with me. I've gotten used to it now (she's been through 2 years of preschool and is now in Kindergarten), and now I have another one in preschool with another baby on the way. It's a good thing I have them both in school now!

    I'm a new GFC follower and I also followed on Twitter. I also have a blog hop up if you're interested in joining. You can find me and link up at

  7. awe what a special day. Congrats to the little man. I so would have been bawling my eyes out. I cry just thinking about Buggy going to pre-school and she's only two!

  8. Aww, thats makes it easier for you, knowing he is happy at school, and likes to be there. I still think I would have cried lol.

  9. Awwwwwwwww I can so identify with this. I cried like a baby when I left my son at school on the first day, lol, and he didn't cry either. Just like your son. They grow up too fast.

  10. aww i think i'll be the one who will probably cry when my son starts kindergarten this coming school year.