Saturday, January 28, 2012

time to play catch up.

It's been such a busy week for me, I feel like I haven't had time for my personal things. This weekend is going to be my catch up time.

Catching up on blogging.
Catching up on my emails.
Catching up on my TV shows.
Maybe catching up on some sleep.
And most importantly, catching up on some quality time with my family.

Sometimes I wish life wasn't so busy so I could make more time for these things. But hey, what can you do. That's life, right?

Here are the winners from my sneakpeeq giveaway!!
$25 gift card winners: Victoria Christine Rubio & Lizzy Allen
$10 gift card winner: Manny Chez

I have two more articles up on Parent Society. Click here to check them out and feel free to let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear them!

Now excuse me while I go use up all my crayons...


  1. Hi! Sounds like a busy week you've had. Hope you get to catch up on everything soon.
    I tagged you in a post last week titled "I've been tagged" if you feel like checking it out, no probs if you don't. I understand how busy life can be, but I thought I'd let you know :)
    You need to buy yourself a cool new colouring book and get to work using those crayons!!

    1. thank you, kerry! i will go check it out now... :)

  2. I know what being busy is like! This up coming week is going to be CRAZY! I'm teaching a really busy class this semester. My nephew goes in for jaw surgery. That means I get my other two nephews from that family - they are staying with us for a few days to more then that. I've got things planned to keep us busy.

  3. I commented on your articles. Great job!