Sunday, January 29, 2012

who's the father?

My son is in preschool part time so on his off days, he spends a lot of his time with my mom. She always says, "Kids are like sponges." And boy, is she right.

The other day during his nighttime prayer he said: "Dear God, please bless my mommy and daddy. And the other daddy. And the other daddy."


Immediately confused, I said: "What other daddy??"
My boyfriend said: "Yeah, who are you talking about?"

We let the moment pass and let him finish his prayer. Then he gets up and says to his daddy, "You are NOT the father!!"

Still confused, I said: "What are you talking about?" Suddenly, it dawns on me! My mom has been watching TOO much of Maury Povich around him! 

I could not. stop. laughing.

Thanks, Maury!!


  1. Oh my gosh!! I bet this confused you lol

  2. LOL!!! It confused me too!

    Have a nice day!

  3. LMAO! When i was reading this post i was almost catching my breath. Was not expecting to get that as an Kids are simply funny :-)
    Wishing you a great week.

  4. This really made me laugh! So funny!!!

  5. That is too funny, oh my goodness. Your son is so cute!!!

  6. I can't stop laughing. Lindsay, you are lucky you figured out the answer. Your boyfriend would have been wondering.....
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  7. LOL. Oh my goodness. This is hilarious!

  8. Hahahaha that's to funny! Man kids repeat everything!

  9. Oh my!!! HA HA

    In the grocery store once my son Mica looks over and said, "Hi Daddy!" He wasn't his Daddy! I said, "Shhh!" He kept saying it. I finally looked over to the guy and said, "Sorry! He's just trying to be funny."

  10. omg this is just too funny! the things kids say sometimes. you can't help but laugh.

  11. lol...that was so leave us with wide open eyes most of the I'm here following you for more cute sessions :-)

  12. Goodness! I don't know what show you're talking about, and I can laugh out loud now, but I'd definitely will have to watch what my children will be watching or listening when I have ones of my own one day!

    I was going to say thanks for your comment and for following, but I got distracted by your boy's picture up there, hahaha! Thanks and I hope you'll swing by soon. I can learn a lot about motherhood by reading your posts!

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